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Concrete Bee Skep Tutorial


Primitive Bee Skeps


Well last year I bought concrete mixture bee skeps and paid a fortune,
this year decided I could make my own. 
Kathy sugar bucket made some using old flower pots
then i bought a small one at a show that was made from a orange road cone.
so i went scouring the country side  and couldn't find any so stopped at the Dollar Tree an found stuff perfect for bee skeps,
realized that plasic cups and sand pails will do just fine 
supplies needed
quickcrete (concrete mix)
pete moss
straw or hay cut up
for your mold
plastic cups, sand pails
road cones (Lowes, Home Depot)
flower pots
sand pails/buckets (dollar tree)
get many sizes and shapes
Mix concrete with water as it says on the package
add some pete moss not too much or your concrete will crumble
add some straw or hay to the mixture to look like the bees really worked hard to make their hive.
glob onto your form let set up a bit then do your line work with your fingers around the skep.
make little indention near bottom as their door.
let harden and whalla a skep to decorate your yard.


Garden Ladies


I made my garden ladies from old Tobacco Sticks

but you could make them from any 1x1

just measure how tall you want her to be

leave enough room to stick her in the ground real good

cut a piece to g across

and screw in the center to make a cross t shape.

dress lady with goodwill clothes

and put hat ontop.

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