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Primitive Paper Mache Tutorial


Homemade Paper Mache



Gatherings: Kids, Scrap Typing Paper, Elmers Glue, Hot Water, Blender, Strainer & Bowl

Rip typing paper up and toss in blender.

pour hot water in, turn blender on to make a water paper pulp.

pour water paper pulp into strainer and press water out.

add tons of glue to make a dough paste.



Snowmen Centerpieces


using directions above make pulp.

get round halloween buckets like these

Take off handle & get a knife & make an X in the center of the nose.

get a dowel rod or shaker wooden peg and poke through X hole.

glue back of shaker peg with hot glue to secure wooden nose.

Cover Bucket with paper mache

make little eyes & mouth dots with little small globs of paper mache

Let Dry for days!

Spray paint snowman with white paint.

Paint with acrylic white paint.

Eyes & mouth paint with black paint

Nose: paint with Terra cotta paint (orange)

Stain with Twigs homemade stain.

get a felt hat from local craft store.

glue ribbon around brim

glue greenery & berries & bell if you wish.

glue to top of his head

sit in a christmas wreath on your table.



Paper Mache Snowmen


Shape paper Mache pulp into different sizes of snowmen,

big blobs, circles, etc.

Placing toothpick up from bottom helps secure snowman stays together.

Use ends of toothpicks and press into paper pulp for their noses.

Tiny nails make great little arms.

Let dry for at least a couple weeks for you donít want moldy snowmen.

Spray paint flat white, dry brush cheeks Rockwood red,

paint eyes with stylus. Let dry then dunk in instant coffee stain mixture and let dry.

Tie homespun around their necks.


Paper Mache Candy Canes


Using recipe from above cover old ugly plastic candy canes

with paper pulp and let dry for a couple weeks.

Spray paint with flat white paint.

Paint stripes with Rockwood Red

Let dry then dunk in instant coffee mixture the darker the better.

Tie candy canes onto wreaths, sleds,

or hang as ornaments with the small candy canes.

Tip: cover old ornaments or Styrofoam balls and make into snowmen faces, punkin faces, annies etc



Gingerbread Paper Mache


Gatherings: items for paper Mache listed above, cinnamon, scented oils, Gingerbread cookie cutters.

Use paper Mache recipe but add cinnamon and scented oils when adding glue.

Cinnamon makes the paper pulp brown, when it dries it dries very dark & looks great as a primitive gingerbread man.      

Take your gingerbread man cookie cutter & place dough into cookie cutter to form the shape.      

Let him dry, then add a homespun bow.      

They would look great alone, or big ones tied to old graters & sifters, or again with potpourri & a candle.

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