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Twigs Primitive Garden

Welcome to my Primitive Garden.

As you all know I am not a gardner but I am trying my darndest to get my thumb green.  This year my dear Friend Lynn Ann Davis came down from Ohio and we meandered around the back roads of KY searching for primitive treasures to tuck around my house.  Well the treasures that kept singing to my heart were FLOWERS.....hee hee.  I believe I have spent every penny I gathered on flowers.  Even fell in a nursery and hurt myself something aweful couldnt hardly walk but still got my flowers gosh golly.

So here are the attempts of creating a wonderful garden around my home.  It's not done but we are working on it every time I get a chance.  The flowers are all perenials in the ground

purple daisies, shasta daisies, pink phlox, blue salvia, veronica, pinks, cone flowers, butterfly bush, bee balm, lavender to name a few.  The container planters are all mixed annuals.

A special thanks to my dear friend Kathy Truax.  She came out the day before my surgery and while I sore as a board and hobbling around helped me dig and plant my flowers and create these wonderful primitive flowerbeds.  Thanks my friend!

So here we go....now remember this is the beginning stages...and hopefully i can continue this gardening adventure.

These are old whiskey barrells from a KY Distillary, Kathy Sugar Bucket Antiques got them for me when she worked there, they still smell like liquor, hee hee.  I nailed the old metal bucket ontop and it houses the flowers.  the shovels ontop from where I was diggin and well just noticed I forgo to put them up, ha ha.


front side of house

another view of the front garden

an old trike with a minnow/worm bucket with a zenia flower in it,

humming bird feeder and a lighted house with a big concret bee skep and a sheep

close up of the darlin trike

the wonderful bee skep that Kathy Anthony of Sugar Bucket Antiques blessed me with. 

I have a handmade concrete bee skep nesting in there along wih thumper.

also stole this wonderful idea of the old pullies on the shepherds hook from my dear friend Lynn Ann Davis

and the wheel barrell with the yellow flowers.

close up of the bee skep house with thumper

by the front door, is an old chest sitting onto a wooden stool,

a bushel basket full of flowers with a concete birdie nesting in it.

a twiggy beehive and thumpers baby.

a birdhouse that I got from Clydine "Days Gone Bye" when we visited her shop in Ohio.

and a concrete moldy sheep with shasta daisies and veronica blooming about.

here is another window view with an old wagon.

Here is an old wagon we have hauled around from state to state

and home to home while in the military, I think it has found its forever spot.

a big birdhouse that I tucked behind the wagon.

this is the side of the store, that is right beside our house.  its in my garden too.

The old sign I saved from a burn pile at Frannie's of Freedom Valley Farm, isn't it cool.

top of shelf has old watering cans, shutter, tool box full of flowers, minnow box, flower pots.

Here is a bench sitting beneath the tree.

my Garden Lady standing beside the bench.

close up of welcome garden doll.

My friend Lea of Knock on Wood did a replica of our house

our mail box at the end of our brick walkway, need to paint the post still.

an old washtub stand that DH and I lugged home from our Alabama trip.

Works great for flowers I do believe.

and the picture of the herb sign i made above it.

close up of sign.

and our state birds found the birdseed.

and the wood peckers did too

the old chair I made into a planter and put an old crate aound my butterfly bush.

and the old garden cart that sits beside the butterfly bush.


Mrs. WoodBerry our tree.

and an old bench nailed to Mr Woodberry to house more plants.

my rusty old wheel barrell full of yella flowers.

turning the corner to the side of the house

the wheelbarrell is over flowing with yellow flowers and peonies

ok I change my mind and put a big basket ontop of the barrell

 a close up of the basket.

i love his basket

old milk can, mop bucket,  big ole basket barrel and chair 

the tall birdhouse and old green chair

we did a picket fence section around the air conditioner units

hung an old woode box with flowers from it.

old chair, old fire house and birdhouse.

another section of the side yard

side yard....looking down from the front.

my old fashioned clothes line

a close up of my garden lady.

and another

another view

bird bath i made for the birds and SWEET ANNIE....I PLANTED 30 SOME ODD PLANTS.

view from the back of the yard.


So as you can see I have been a gardening fool.

Maybe just maybe with the Lords help

I can keep them looking this good or even better.


Happy Gardening to ya!



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